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Experienced Breeders

Throughout my father's childhood in Colorado, he and his father would breed their Irish and English Setters. My father and grandfather stopped breeding their dogs after my father joined the United States Marine Corps. He has spent the last 20 years as a guidance counselor in Prince William County while raising my siblings and I with our mother.

My whole childhood we had dogs. Seven rescues in total over the years. Two of those rescues are still in our homes today.

After I grew older and got a place of my own with just under three acres, we began discussing breeding dogs like when my father was a boy. We decided on breeding doodles because of the benefits of cross breeding. We have selected and raised two beautiful puppies that will make wonderful dams. 

We take our responsibility seriously and take pride in our ability to produce healthy puppies. We encourage anyone interested in learning more our us to visit our home and meet our dogs even if there are no currently available puppies. 

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